• STARSUKI Pallfect Brush Kit


Foundation brush x cheek brush x pen-shaped smudge brush x socket line brush


*     Portable with makeup bag provided.

*     Control-easy, multi-angle applicable, create a perfect makeup.

*     Dip and expand friendly for powder makeup.

*     Applicable to multi-texture makeup products.



1. Foundation brush: retrieve an appropriate amount of liquid or paste foundation and evenly apply it onto the face in a radial fashion from the inside.


2. Blush brush: Retrieve an appropriate amount of blush, and apply onto your cheeks by drawing circles for rosy and healthy cheeks.


3. Pen smudge: Localized layered smudging on the eyelids/eye fold.


4. Crease brush: Large-area eyeshadow foundation smudging.



Product Name: STARSUKI Pallfect Brush Kit

Item Size: Foundation Brush:12cm / Blush Brush:12cm / Pen Smudge:12cm / Crease Brush:12cm


1. Storage: Keep the product in cool and shadowy places.

2. Store in a place where children cannot reach.

3. Brush lightly on the face. Avoid applying too much pressure to prevent skin discomfort.

4. Do not use if you have an open wound, rashes, or any kind of skin irritation. If you experience a rash, itching, or stinging, stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist.

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STARSUKI Pallfect Brush Kit

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