Payment Methods

Cash on Delivery

Buyers can select KC.COM supported logistics providers and pay cash for your orders upon delivery.

 Bank Transfer

The front of an ATM card

You can choose "Manual Transfer" when you check out. Then, send an email to admin@y to inform regarding your successful payment. Payment details must provide and order ID.

Bank Name : Public Bank 
Account Name 
Account No. : 

Bank Name : Maybank 
Account Name :
Account No. : 

Buyer may make payments through an Automated Teller Machine or internet bank transfer (“Bank Transfer”) to our designated KC.COM Guarantee Account Buyer must provide KC.COM with the transfer receipt or payment transaction reference for verification purposes through the ‘Upload Receipt’ function found in KC.COM’s app as payment confirmation. If payment confirmation is not received by KC.COM within three (3) days, Buyer’s order will be cancelled.